once more unto the breach, dear friends


Okay. So I've devoted most of the last three weeks to getting the website up, Facebook updated and my author page on Goodreads put together; basically building infrastructure to support the marketing and sales of 13 Miles from Gilman, Illinois (And It Looks like Rain). And then I announced it by sending a bunch of emails, posting some stuff in various places, getting some cards with the website and book cover printed up to hand out to people.

I moved the helconia, got my wife's Hubpage account set up, cut down the tulip trees that were growing in the wrong place. Then I managed to get my briefcase unloaded from the Korean project last month and got all that documentation filed.

I cleaned up my email, did the shopping, mixed up some granola.

I could go on and on. And of course I did. Go on and on, that is.

I told myself that I wanted to get everything done before I hit the road again and, of course, I never know when that's going to happen (my boss can be very canny that way), so there is certainly some truth in that.

But now, all that's mostly finished.

Which means I'm pretty much out of excuses.

I'm finally getting down to work on the next novel, tentatively titled (how alliterative!) ... but You can See It from Here. It's a satire about life on a remote atoll a few miles north of the equator in the central Pacific. Those of you who've known me for a while probably have some idea of where I'm getting my inspiration for this tale. For the benefit of those of who haven't, I promise to share the story in another blog. For now, let's just say I have some experience along those lines.

I'll keep you updated on the progress of the story as I go along, but now that I have my pencils sharpened, my notes dug out and the coffee on, I suppose I really ought to get to work.

Or maybe I'll go transplant that tree fern that fell down last week...


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